Sunday, November 17, 2013

1988-indianapolis skateboard contest

one of the first big skateboard events i went to as a kid was a contest held in 1988 on pan am plaza downtown. i don't remember a whole lot, other than there being tons of skaters downtown. more than i'd ever seen i one place. i also remember there being an 8ft wall as an obstacle. no banks going up to it, just a straight wall. i've always wanted to see photos from this but never came across any. last month when i was on the send help trip, we stopped to skate a bowl in northern minnesota. i got to talking to nate one the owners of it. he asked where i was from and i said "indy". his response was "we were down there for a contest in '88, actually woody won it." pointing to his friend on the other side of the bowl. i proceeded to ask if they had any photos. turns of they had something even better, footage they shot that weekend and it was already transferred to DVD. nate and woody were nice enough to give me a copy. i recognize a few people, jason may, byron kothe, jesse neuhaus, justin lynch. the commentary is priceless and skate footage just plain rad. hope everyone enjoys this as much as i did.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

send help edit

i spent last week up in minneapolis and north dakota on a little trip with the Send Help guys. i'm going to do a little story for Street Canoe but for now here's this.