Tuesday, June 3, 2014

some new photos

kind of been hyped on taking skate photos since the weather got nice. it doesn't matter how long the camera has sat in the corner, as soon as i break out the gear and get behind the lens, the same feelings and emotions come back. it's different than taking a photo of anything else.

Monday, March 31, 2014

picking at Ray's

i had heard about Ray's stash for a while, but couldn't get to it until he posted a craigslist ad. funny thing is, i had driven right by his place before and never noticed it. i think it's safe to say we were some of the first people to get in there and dig around. i can't even begin to list the things we found. Ray was a super rad old biker and showed us personal collections, old magazines he was in, and what not. these are picks you can only dream about.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

tour de ramp 2014

two years in a row makes "tour de ramp" is officially an annual event right? snow, wind, and black ice couldn't keep it from happening. we had a good sesh at tim's ramp friday night and then satureday went to renshaw's ramp, DK's and finally the Life bowl. good times guys...

Sunday, January 19, 2014

my first obsession:BMX

finding that old haro has sent me on a trip down memory lane over last few weeks. i dug up a few old photos from back in the day. they are mostly from demos around 1986-87.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

that day i found a Haro Master

a couple days before christmas i was driving back from the city dump, when i noticed a building with a bunch of bikes surrounding it. i'd been by it many times but the bikes were a new addition. naturally, i had to make a U-turn and inspect. when i pulled up, there was an older man getting out of a small pick-up. i asked him him if the bikes were for sale and if i could look around. he obliged. most of the bikes were department store junk, with the exception of a few road bikes. as soon as i ventured inside, a neon green Haro caught my eye. when you spend hours and hours as a kid looking at these things in magazines, they tend to jump out at you in real life. the state it was in was heartbreaking and laughable at the same time. it had 144 spoke lowrider wheels and a 3' seat. i probably would have crapped my pants if i saw someone riding it around like that. in case you didn't know, all old BMX bikes and stuff from the 80's are highly collectable and hard to find. the Haro Master was arguably in the top 3 of freestyle bikes (hutch trickstar is #1). i asked him what he wanted for it, and he told me to make an offer. i threw out $30 and he said he needed more. he showed me around the shop and we chatted for a while. homeless and addiction problems for years, now he's into church and fixing up bikes for people. he ended up being a really nice guy who was enjoyable to talk with. we came back to the Haro and i ended up getting it for a bit more. he taunted me when he disclosed that he has more old BMX stuff in storage. i'm going to be paying him another visit soon.

bloomington ramp sesh

got alot of skateboarding in over the last few days. the weather broke for a change and friends were in town for the holidays. got my camera out for a few shots at the bloomington ramp.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

1988-indianapolis skateboard contest

one of the first big skateboard events i went to as a kid was a contest held in 1988 on pan am plaza downtown. i don't remember a whole lot, other than there being tons of skaters downtown. more than i'd ever seen i one place. i also remember there being an 8ft wall as an obstacle. no banks going up to it, just a straight wall. i've always wanted to see photos from this but never came across any. last month when i was on the send help trip, we stopped to skate a bowl in northern minnesota. i got to talking to nate one the owners of it. he asked where i was from and i said "indy". his response was "we were down there for a contest in '88, actually woody won it." pointing to his friend on the other side of the bowl. i proceeded to ask if they had any photos. turns of they had something even better, footage they shot that weekend and it was already transferred to DVD. nate and woody were nice enough to give me a copy. i recognize a few people, jason may, byron kothe, jesse neuhaus, justin lynch. the commentary is priceless and skate footage just plain rad. hope everyone enjoys this as much as i did.