Saturday, October 24, 2015

West Virgina Auction

i drove my mother out to Pennsylvania last weekend to visit family. the first night i was there, i found this auction online that was only 50 miles away. i immediately knew how i would be spending my sunday morning. i pulled up an hour before it started an there were only a few people there. once it started it was fairly clear that prices were going to be dirt cheep and that i was the only person really interested in the Japanese things. this made me both happy and heart broken at the same time. i came out really well, but i also left a RD350, suzuki titan, and cb750 SS that went for under $100 each. also a cb750 motor went for $5. i really wished we had driven the cargo van. i crammed everything i could into mom's Buick rendezvous. a cb750 chopper frame, gas tanks, pile of service manuals, set of hard bags, helmets, cabs, exhausts,, auctions like this don't come around very often. i'm just glad i was able to catch it.

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