Monday, January 12, 2009

around the house.

we've been doing a bunch of stuff around the house. peep it...

hung a new light. the beagle is out of control right now. biting maggie and eating out of the litter box. bad dog!

lincoln log stacked wood. it drys faster that way.

fishbowl plant holder and new thermostat.

the thermometer off the old thermostat is now by the stove. it was reading 85 degrees last night.

future projects: brick walkway from the front porch to sidewalk and coffee table made out old windows that came from my grandparents house.

sarah's turnip head is still going.

new cow skull from maggie's uncle gary. it's a "watusi" cow.

1 comment:

surly monkey said...

It's looking good over there, I like the fishbowl planter. The turnip head is looking positively scary now. Are those windows from grandparents Bard?