Thursday, February 26, 2009

random 3's

three people who i often refer to as "your boy" to maggie
1. old guy who drives down 52nd @20 mph.
2. jimmy and john (not the sandwich place)
3. dude who owns broad ripple vintage

three rockers who you would never guess are born again christians.
1. alice cooper
2. dave mustaine (megadeth)
3. tom araya (slayer)

three favorite greeks
1. stamatis
2. kris rogers
3. greeks pizza

three future business ideas
1. hutch's hutchs (custom wood furniture)
2. hey batta' batta' (gourmet pancake batter mix)
3. tiny typer (computer keyboards for small hands)

three beagles
1. buckley the beagle from The Royal Tenenbaums
2. alley mc beagle
3. pencil the beagle from that horrible movie starring molly shannon Year of the Dog.

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