Monday, May 11, 2009

trip to hermann's hole: an epic blog posting

i spent the weekend at hermann's hole. it's d.i.y. concrete bowl about an hour west of st. louis. this guy j.p. owns it. they were having a 1 year birthday bash, so a bunch of us rolled out...

a few things we saw on the 5 hour drive.

we rolled up right before dark. it had rained a bunch the previous day and part of the bridge washed away. there was only one way to hermann's hole. so we had to cross the river "oregon trail" style.

toilet make out of tires.

gorilla with his turtle.

i got my "brody license" and drove this thing to town. pulled up to the gas station and the lady working observantly said, "you know yer missing two doors?"

thanks to ryan for getting the trip and crew together. it was a blast...