Sunday, October 23, 2011

back to the spot

played tour guide for friends from louisville yesterday. it's been a while since i did that.

ballard and cole
brooks shuping. ollie to wave ride.
*the first time i met matt ballard was years ago in cincnnatti. i was shooting photos with bobby rodriguez AKA bob gnar of Natural Koncept fame and ballard was with him to film. bobby was trying to inward-heel the big 4 stack on campus. cops showed up a few minutes into it. while they were checking our IDs bobby took off running, leaving matt and i with the cops. we had no idea why he ran, but it's never cool to leave your homies in a situation like that. they never caught bobby and finally let us go after a long stressful 45 minutes. reguardless, ballard keeps it real on the midwest filming front. check out his vimeo page. matt ballard

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