Monday, June 18, 2012

garbage soup

i went to visit my great aunt and uncle in ashville over the weekend. they've been been married 67 years. they were missionaries in Congo for 30 some years, so stories and experiences are abundant. she's the reason i have a tattoo that says "garbage soup". when i was 7 or 8 they were at our house for visit. my aunt decided to cook us dinner. she basically took everything in the refrigerator, pureed it, and made it into a soup. if that wasn't bad enough, she ended up burning it. we painfully had to eat a bowl of it. regardless, it's one of my classic memories of her. another one, some of you might know about. it's sort of skateboarding folklore at this point. about 12 years ago my friend brett star, was on a family vacation somewhere out east. brett's family stops at a rest area and he's skating around the parking lot. this old lady walks up to and asks if he knows her nephew "andy hutchison who skateboards". Brett's mind was instantly blown. he came back from vacation and told me he met my aunt at a rest stop. i always wondered how many skateboarders she asked if they knew me before she finally found one. below are some photos of them and from their time in africa.

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nathaniel russell said...

rad story, awesome painting