Sunday, July 22, 2012

field report: vintage motorcycle days

this was the 2nd year i've gone to mid-ohio vintage motorcycle days. last year i went one day and it wasn't enough, this year i went two days and it still wasn't enough. next year i'm going for the whole weekend and taking a bike to ride around. we spent most of the time in the swap meet, but we did make our way over to the races and bike show for a while. my iphone died on saturday, but here are some photos i managed to get.

theres probably $80k worth of bikes on this trailer. a cb750 sandcast, a cb750 with 1/10th of a mile and another with 4 miles.

way into the custom painting...
casey's first time. needless to say, he was stoked.
honda's stock cafe bike: GB500. first time i've seen one in person.
bringing home the goods. casey scored a triumph chopper and tim got a cl100 for $70. brand new tires for $35, yes. $10 cb550 exhaust, don't mind if i do. 10 cents for old chopper mags, gimme. deals here are to good to pass up!

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