Monday, December 10, 2012

mongoose "californian"

so my friend gave me this bicycle over the weekend. it's an '85 mongoose "Californian". i basically bought the same one brand new when i was a kid. i asked my dad to buy it for me and he declined. he had a better idea: scrap enough aluminum cans to raise the money. so he would drive me around to collect cans. we would hit the baseball diamonds after everyone left, dig though trash cans, and walk the sides of roads. i have to admit, as a young kid i was pretty embarrassed and didn't understand why he couldn't just buy it for me (we were far from spoiled). after about 7 months, i had enough money saved to buy the bike. i think it was around $170. looking back, the whole experience was a valuable learning lesson for me. so you can imagine, getting this bike brings back memories and nostalgia. my plans for the bike are to clean it up and replace some of the parts. the grips, tires, brakes, and seat are all newer. i want get OG parts or at least reproduction. i don't have much of my old BMX stuff, but i do have my number plate. i'm defiantly going to run that.

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