Sunday, February 10, 2013

+tour De ramp+

The Bloomington crew came to Indy Friday night for a little trip they were calling "tour de ramp". Anytime these guys pile in and hit the road, you know it's going to be fun. Everyone skated Tim's ramp Friday night. On Saturday we headed straight to Fort Wayne to check out the recently opened New Republic skatepark. First we stopped at Rise to see Nick. The shop is looking better than ever. We skated to park for a few hours and then went to the Muncie bowl to finish out the night. Good times guys, good times...

tim devlin pull up air

ryan smith hurricane
nick weaver
ben feebling around the corner

dustin porter wave ride switch shov-it

ryan smith switch crooks
ryan backside tail around the corner

ben and chris double blocks
prather in the light

chris, scott, and ryan triple smiths
tim killed the desk!