Thursday, March 28, 2013

steve nesser-big brother interview

chris nieratko just updated his website and posted a bunch of old big brother articles, some of which i shot the photos for. i'll pull some off and post them up here from time to time. i'll start off with steve nesser's. here are a few notes/observations when looking back.

-nesser rode for iota skateboards at the time. he had recently quit consolidated to start a company with some friends from minnesota.
-the opening portrait was shot behind the original rise on the eastside of indianapolis. the orange pro-tech helmet is the only helmet I've ever owned. I've had it since 8th grade.
-notice anything weird about the pop-shove photo? yeah, they scanned it backwards.
-right after landed the 50-50 boardslide someone 3 stories above us threw a can of red bull at steve. in the footage you can hear it explode.
-the 50-50 was shot in fort wayne. it was pretty gnarly, steve eyed it up for about 15 minutes. the first one he jumped on and grinded was the one he landed.

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