Monday, October 5, 2009

adventures in madison county

it started off as a quick trip up to frankton indiana to check out a honda CB100 for maggie, and it turned into a fall afternoon adventure. turns out the guy selling the motorcycle used to work for my grandparents years ago at their apple orchard. he said my grandfather would always drink coffee with honey. i'm going to try that one tomorrow. we loaded the bike and headed to the old orchard, which has been out of business for a long time. i knocked in the door and introduced myself the man who now owns the property. he gave us an impromptu tour. the place is kind of in shambles and run down. all i wanted was to find something that said "hutchison's orchard". i ended up with a 2x8 foot hand painted sign. got the "ok" to come back anytime. i'll defiantly be back to hunt mushrooms in the spring. after that we went to "canfield's palace". straight up from the movie "hoosiers". full court basketball in the upper level of a barn. if anyone wants to go back sometime and play "horse", i'm down...

barn dig.

old gravestones.

where the house once stood.

lee's got dibs on it.




davexherr said...

thats awesome looks like a good day, and lee has a mustache.

CafeKid said...

Awesome Maggie!! Join the bike gang :)

BK said...

I got chills from the court pictures man. That's like basketball's version of the Animal Chin ramp right there! Straight up rad. I want to go there.

hutch73 said...

new twist: turns out my father worked in the barn with the basketball court. bailing hay when he was a kid

Janet said...

heard about the family good.