Thursday, October 29, 2009

october 29th

i ended up taking today off and met my great aunt and uncle for lunch. they are each in their 90's and sharp as a whip. they still drive up here from north carolina. there's actually a random story about my aunt and my friend brett starr: it takes place at least 8 years ago? i know brett was still in high school. anyways, brett was on a family vacation somewhere out east, maybe virginia. he's at a rest stop skating around, and this older lady (my great-aunt) comes up to him and asks if he knows "her nephew andy hutchison". i wish i could have see the look on his face. i guess she thought that since he and i both skated that we might know each other. kind of crazy. after lunch wer'e saying our goodbyes and my aunt says to me "andy, i'm so glad you have a motorcycle". priceless. after that, i ended up riding back roads to bloomington with lee. rode in a sweatshirt all day. not bad for october 29th.

back by popular the demand: the house with mannequin head across the street from an elementary school.

this is what parents see when they pick up their kids from school.

this guy was hanging around in brooklyn indiana.

the leaves have peaked.
stopped at a junkyard to ask about old bikes and parts for my van. this was the only previa they had.

OG gonz.

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Steve said...

I wonder if the NAACP has heckled the person with the dummy hanging in the tree.,2933,570568,00.html